Storybook is a program that helps you in writing stories/novels
The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
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No longer supported by the developer

StorYbook 2.1.12 is a program that will aid writers to control multiple plot lines while writing. Storybook will allow them to keep an overview about the characters, locations, scenes, chapters, strands, and parts involved in a book or novel. The program will store all the information about characters and locations in one place, allowing you to add information anytime you want and check for consistencies as the story flows. Besides, you can use the program´s features to manage chapters, scenes, characters and locations. You will be able to assign them into a scene, avoiding mistakes such as assigning the same character to two different locations at the same time. For your convenience, StorYbook displays all the information in the form of charts, that can be easily viewed. You can choose to review the information in a Book View, Chronological View or through the Chapters and Scenes Manager. You will be able to navigate through your book, going to a certain chapter date or scene at anytime.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to control every aspect of your book


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