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Guest It was released as open source just before the original author ceased work on it. It is still available and being updated. As the name 'storybook' is unavailable the new version is oStorybook (o for open) - available @ sourceforge.

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Guest Any way to open your old Storybook Files and extract all the data I've worked so hard compiling over the months I was using it before it shut down?

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Guest Did you every figure this out? I am having the same problem!

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Guest Try clicking on the storybook.bat file under in your Programs folder under Storybook. It worked for me. You can then export all of your work as a PDF, RTF, text HTML or ODT file. PDF was the only that worked for me.

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Eric A Medina

Eric A Medina Storybook is no longer available to be registered to the full version. The company site shut down after a Tax dispute was announced on the site in 2012.

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Nordine Bjerke

Nordine Bjerke Dear Eric A Medina! Your provided report was very useful for us. We have taken immediate actions.

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